At John Rome Ltd, we understand that quality auditing is an integral part of our client requirements, based on their compliance or regulatory obligations.

The additional importance of the audits is to equally ensure that our own quality of work is maintained and/or improved. Internal auditing is carried out by senior management personnel, either by request or as part of our own “Integrated Management System”.

Full detailed reports are compiled and are stored in each customers database for inspection at any time.

Environmental Stance

John Rome Limited is committed to a greener environment. We recognise our responsibility to safeguard the environment and to promote sustainable waste management practices. John Rome Limited believes firmly that the quality of our waters must be preserved and that measures to prevent the discharge, escape or release of oilbased pollutants should be diligently undertaken.

By using John Rome Limited services, you are in fact significantly reducing oil-based pollutants reaching our seas and rivers via the watercourse. All John Rome Limited equipment is far beyond compliance with current environmental regulations. At John Rome Limited, we continually innovate to minimise the risk to our environment.

Health & Safety

John Rome Limited treats the health and safety of our customers and staff as the utmost importance. John Rome Limited optimises technologically advanced cleaning methods, which allow all activities to be carried out in optimally safe conditions. All John Rome Limited engineers are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while on site.

We are committed to retaining the Safe Contractor Certification.

Quality Assurance

In association with some of the most eminent specialists in the field, we have recently established a stringent QA manual. The guidelines within these policies allows us to give our customers the highest level of service and meet all our customers requirements while being as cost effective and unobtrusive as possible.